Manage your cash, credit card and travel expenses using expense@work

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, expense@work streamlines the submission, authorisation and accounting of cash, credit card and other travel expenses. expense@work can also manage digital copies of all your original receipts.


Manage your entire expense reimbursement process in one place, efficiently and simply.


  • Ensure transparency and compliance with your organisation’s travel policies
  • Enable rapid, auditable and transparent authorisation
  • Analyse your expenses and reduce unwanted cost


Quick and simple credit card statement import.


  • Present your employees with prefilled credit card expenses for their completion
  • Enable the identification of personal items
  • Full authorisation as for cash expenses


Online submission of expense claims wherever you may be.


  • Submit claims from anywhere at any time
  • Use your PC, Mac or phone
  • iPhone App for offline and online capture

Online on any device

Available on­line through PC, Mac and mobile browsers, so that employees can submit their claims from anywhere at any time.

Who can benefit?

expense@work is useful for any medium to large organisation with on-the-road consultants, salesmen, lawyers, advisers or technicians. expense@work integrates easily with other back-office systems such as financial or HR systems.


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How expense@work works

Users submit expenses using a simple web interface (or iPhone App). Scanned images can be attached to each transaction. Each user’s manager is then notified by email that there is a claim to approve. If the manager has any reservations about the expenses submitted then he or she may return any, or all of them, to the user for amendment or explanation. Once approved, an accountant need only do a formal check on the data to ensure statutory correctness before forwarding the data to the accounting system.

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